Jiang Jie, CPM Ria Sales Director: Meet the trend of degradable plastics with the best equipment


Nanjing Ruiya Extrusion Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., affiliated to CPM Extrusion Group, is a leader in twin screw extruder manufacturing in China. It has more than 25 years of experience in twin screw extruder manufacturing. CPM Rea has become one of Asia's leading production and installation bases for extrusion machinery and equipment, which are widely used in plastic products of various applications, through continuous innovation in equipment technology, process and engineering.

According to Jiang Jie, CPM Rea's sales director, CPM Rea has been paying attention to the trend of degradable plastics for a long time, and keeps paying continuous attention to it. At the same time, CPM Rea is also constantly conducting related research and development in the laboratory, committed to providing customers with the best equipment for degradable plastics. CPM Ria's extrusion equipment is used in degradable fields such as PLA and PBAT. It mainly utilizes the characteristics of strong shear and good dispersion of twin screw extruders to blend and modify degradable plastics. Thanks to the advantages of high equipment reliability and high processing density, CPM Ria extruder can meet various modification requirements of degradable plastics.

When it comes to the problems encountered in the production of degradable plastics, Jiang Jie said that the main problem is the difficulty of pulling the strips. CPM Ria will choose to cool the materials into strips by using the air-cooled conveyor belt, and then enter the pellecutter to cut the pellets. In addition, for partially corrosive materials, CPM Ria can provide relevant material selection to solve the production process problems.

Jiang Jie revealed that CPM has cooperated with many well-known chemical enterprises due to its mature technologies and solutions in the field of biodegradability, and the sales situation is very good. Not only companies in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces, but also companies in Anhui and headquartered in Beijing purchase CPM Ria equipment for production.

From the perspective of senior industry professionals, Jiang Jie also analyzed the current market dilemma and future development trend of degradable plastics. "Biodegradable plastics are supposed to be the trend of the future as they reduce damage to the environment and protect our ecology. The downside is that biodegradable plastics are currently more expensive to produce than ordinary plastics. But the market for biodegradable plastics will grow as the cost of biodegradable plastics comes down and the technology matures." Another trend, Jiang said, is that with oil prices low, the recycling cost of conventional plastics is no longer superior to that of new materials, and biodegradable plastics are a more viable option.