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CPM Ruiya Extrusion strives to deliver unsurpassed value in its twin screw extrusion and pelletizing line and extrusion systems by focusing on total cost of ownership, maximum reliability and responsive after market service.

About Ruiya Extrusion

Ruiya Extrusion is one of China’s leading providers of twin screw extruders, compounding systems and supporting technologies.
Founded by China’s top twin screw processing engineers, Ruiya has achieved its position in the market place by providing industry leading equipment technology, process engineering and after sales support. 
Today, Ruiya Extrusion has one of the largest installed bases of machines in Asia. Through this experience, Ruiya Extrusion has gained industry leading application experience bringing confidence to its customers. 

About Century Extrusion

Century Extrusion is a leading global supplier of highly engineered twin screw extrusion systems as well as high performance process section components (screws, shafts and barrels).  Century Extrusion offers world class solutions and equipment focused on extreme wear, high speed/high torque processing and machine reliability.
Through the development of an impressive list of global customers spanning across all aspects of compounding, Century Extrusion has acquired valuable experience in process application and system design.
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About Extricom Extrusion

Extricom GmbH will be immediately effective and officially renamed to CPM Extricom Extrusion. CPM Extricom Extrusion is a complete supplier of compounding lines, replacement parts, and service. With over 30 years of expertise in extrusion systems, Extricom provides innovative development and manufacturing of closely intermeshing screw systems through the integration of production, assembly, service, laboratory research, and administration from headquarters in Lauffen, Germany. While CPM is investing resources in all aspects of the business, the personnel will remain the same; all customers will experience the same process knowledge, passion for the equipment, service, and customer commitment that has been our trademark around the world. 
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With 23 facilities located in North America, Europe, and Asia, CPM offers global support.